Peller Estates Winery

Great wine and food belong together. Winemakers understand that their wines will be poured alongside everything from pizza to foie gras and while many winemakers consider food pairings when creating, Peller Estates Winemaker Katie Dickieson creates wines inspired by food and the desire for a perfect marriage of the two.

When a winemaker’s philosophy is so deeply rooted in the creation of wines that will become the perfect compliment to food, there is no better companion in winemaking than a gourmet chef and Peller Estates is home to one of Ontario’s finest. Winery Chef and TV’s CityLine personality Jason Parsons collaborates with Dickieson at every stage, sampling and commenting on the wines as they progress.

Peller Estates was recently awarded the title of Winery of the Year by WineAlign and gold medal wines are a frequent result and they include Peller Estates’ Sparkling Ice Cuvée, Signature Series Chardonnay ‘Sur Lie’ and Oak Aged Vidal Icewine.

In the Estate Room, visitors and collectors can also enjoy an in-depth tasting of limited-availability wines that are exclusive to the Winery. Peller Estates has a wide variety of unique touring, tasting and dining experiences for its visitors. As the 2014 & 2006 Canadian Winery of the Year, Peller Estates is the ideal venue in which to learn about wine and winemaking. The Winemaking Excellence Tour and Art of Wine and Food experience are excellent primers for those new to wine country. Those seeking a more ‘hands-on’ viticulture experience will enjoy the Extreme Wine Weekend and Intense Icewine Weekend events. Both are weekend long wine and food experiences in which participants prove that they are as tough as Winemaker Katie Dickieson.

Dining at the award winning Peller Estates Winery Restaurant is always a superb experiences. Throughout the season Chef Parsons and Winemaker Katie Dickieson prepare dining experiences that take the guest into the candlelit barrel cellars or the starlit vineyards. Perfect food and wine pairings always highlight these extraordinary and unforgettable dining experiences.